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Dog Days of Summer

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Dog Days of Summer

Samantha Rothman

If there is anything that defines a New Jersey summer - it is humidity.  We're heading into the 90's today with 1000% humidity.  These are the days when we work early and then again in the evening.  Mid-day is awful.  

On the bright side - all the seeds that I planted this week will probably go crazy.  Why so many seeds?  

It seems my grand plan of keeping the resident woodchucks at bay by getting a dog didn't really work out...

Ole Chuckster got into the main garden and made a total mess of my vegetables.  It is heartbreaking when that happens (actually, it pisses me off to no end... why be polite about it?!).  Lucky for me, there was still time to get a new round of seeds in and with this heat & moisture... well, we'll have a re-stocked garden in no time.  Sans lettuce though...