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Samantha Rothman

I always think, soon we'll have all this free time.  Things will slow down a bit.  They don't, do they? One season moves into the next.  Shorts and teeshirts one day, wool sweater the next.  

We've dug the dahlias, gotten the tulips in for next spring and started the fall clean up (hoses!! they seem to be everywhere!).  On the list is gathering up all the tools and getting their handles sanded, oiled and ready for spring.  It feels a bit slower, but that's an illusion as we get things lined up for Thanksgiving and the winter holiday season.   

But today.  Today was kind of slow.  I watched TV mid-day!  Ok, I was at the stove making mac n cheese and chili but - I was able to watch on the iPad while wishing cheese sauce.  And it was - relaxing.  

I also worked on flower orders for Thanksgiving.  Thank you to all of you who ordered.  Not only for your business, but for the opportunity to create something beautiful for your family - it makes me happy to work on these arrangements, knowing families will be gathered together, eating yummy food, and just *being*.  I think we all could use that right now.