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Little & Big

Samantha Rothman

I've been meaning to write here for quiet some time but there always seems to be something else that tops the to-do list.  And then something seems to knock whatever was in first place on that list, to something lower... do you know what I mean? I've been thinking a lot lately about that "time buffer" - or what some call "free time" that no one seems to have anymore.  I think that space is really essential.  It keeps the creative energy flowing.  The body stores all our tensions, all the imagery we see over the course of the day, all the "to do's" that occupy our brain constantly and prevent us from being present in one. single. moment.  I've been trying to be present more and I have to admit - it is really, really hard.

A few weeks ago, we shared in a momentous occasion - my parent's 50th Anniversary.  It was the first time in awhile that I have felt really present at something.  Yes, there were a million conversations flowing and people to say hello to that I haven't said hi to in so long but there was also this space where people were eating and I just looked around the room and *saw* each person and mentally thanked them for being there, at that moment.  In Judaism there is this special blessing called the "Shehekianu" - you say it when you are thankful for a new and/or unusual experience - something out of the ordinary.  That was definitely a "shehekianu" moment. 

But life is really full of those moments, isn't it?  We just are so busy we miss them.  Lately I've been taking a lot of photos on Instagram of my flowers and I have to say - it's like the first time "tech" has helped me be present... because I am noticing the flowers very carefully, in the best light, trying to capture that image and share it.  I hope you enjoy it.  Thanks for reading along!